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Zhaofeng WANG

Title:Managing Partner
Tel:+86 10 5268 2808 / +86 10 5268 2888
Fax:+86 10 5268 2999
Working Language: Chinese/ English
Practice area: Dispute Resolution
Mr. Zhaofeng Wang specializes in handling major and complicated economic dispute litigation and arbitration and criminal cases. Mr. WANG previously used to be leader in a Beijing procuratorial organ. Currently as the co-head of DeHeng Dispute Resolution Committee, Mr. Wang has handled many criminal and civil-criminal cases with significant influence in China and enjoys a great reputation in society.
Representative Matters  
  • Handled the illegal business operations of the person surnamed Hu in the serial cases of former Railway Minister Liu Zhijun 

  • Represented Bo Xilai in the case of corruption, bribery and abuse of power

  • Represented Su Hao, the former deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Justice, in the case of offering and accepting bribes, and abusing power 

  • Represented Suspect Li , a backbone member of a super-large gangdom group in Henan Province, in the cases of participating in organizations of underworld nature, gambling, and picking quarrels and provoking troubles

  • Represented suspect Yao , a department-level leader of the Wuhan Red Cross Society, in the second instance of corruption.

  • Represented suspect Qian, a producer of China Central Television Financial Channel, in a series of corruption cases involving such persons as Rui Chenggan, a famous host of the Financial Channel of China Central Television, under the supervision of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate 

  • Represented suspect Deng, a former Dongguan Bank Finance Director, in the case of a non-state staff accepting bribery, which is the first case in China of using subscription for subordinated tranche and other venture capital opportunities to manage wealth and thus obtain high income under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security 

  • Represented suspect Wang , chief procurator of Shaanxian County, Henan Province, in the first instance of accepting bribes and having huge unidentified property under the “zero confession” in the duty-related crime

  • Represented suspect Fang, the former chairman of Shanghai Ximeng Company,  in the contract fraud case, and had some of the criminal charges revoked after defense 

  • Participated in the case of the former chairman of Guangdong Kelon Group of misappropriation of funds and duty encroachment. After the defense, the court adopted the lawyer’s opinion and revoked the crime of duty encroachment

  • Handled the case of the China Central Television fire and represented the builder Zhongshan Shengxing Co., Ltd. in the case. After defense, the defendant had its punishment mitigated 

  • Represented Zhang Jiaqiang from Jilin in the case of involvement in major underworld crime. After the defense, two charges against Zhang Jiaqiang were dropped and some facts for the crimes on him were reduced 

  • Represented the principal suspect Han in the national “first case of illegal undisclosed information for illegal trading” under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security, and the defendant was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment as a lesser punishment 

  • Handled the major safety accident involving Beijing Suzhou Street Subway, all of those involved were acquitted

Education Background
  • Master of Laws, Renmin University of China 

  • Juris Doctor, Renmin University of China

Professional Qualifications
  • Bar admission in P.R. China

Recognitions and Affiliations
  • ALB China Top 15 Litigation Lawyers in 2015 (March 2015)

  • President of Beijing Xicheng Lawyers Association

  • Member of the Criminal Committee of All China Lawyers Association

  • Member of the Strategic Development Committee of All China Lawyers Association

  • Director of the Litigation Supervision Law Institute of China Law Society  

  • Deputy Director, Institute of Lawyers of Renmin University of China

  • Graduate tutor at Renmin University of China, Peking University Law School, China University of Political Science and Law

Selected Publications
  • Participated in the writing of Complete Works on Criminal Law, published by CPPSU Publishing House, 1997, Beijing

  • Participated in the writing of 236 Questions Concerning Protection under Civil Rights Law, Shandong People’s Publishing House, 2000, Shandong

  • Participated in the writing of Cases of Commuting Judgments after Second Trial and Retrial of Criminal Cases, Law Press 2017 Edition, Beijing; the lawyer served as the reviewer and commenter, and offered important reference value for guiding lawyers to handle criminal cases and avoid cases in which people are unjustly charged.