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Guifang LI

Title:Deputy Director,Global Partner
Tel:+86 10 5268 2888 / +86 10 5268 2888
Fax:+86 10 5268 2999 / +86 10 5268 2999
Working Language: Chinese/ English
Practice area: Dispute Resolution
Mr. Li's practice expands to both dispute resolution and transactions. He has represented clients in a great number of lawsuits and arbitration cases during his career as a lawyer. At the same time, Mr. Li has also been retained as the outside counsel for many Chinese government agencies, large businesses, and public institutions including the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Health, China Three Gorges Corporation, China National Tobacco Corporation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
Representative Matters
  • Acted as the legal counsel for Chang’an Insurance Sale Co., Ltd. for the implementation of the resolution of the board of directors

  • Acted as the outside legal counsel for Beijing Tong Ren Tang Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

  • Represented DYNAGREEN Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. in the franchise contract dispute with Qingdao Huangshan District Urban Administration Bureau

  • Acted as the legal counsel for Xinjiang Maiquer Group Co., Ltd.

  • Defended for Singapore Gunvor Group

  • Acted as the outside legal counsel for Bosideng Co., Ltd.

  • Acted as the outside legal counsel for Oriental Fund Management Co., Ltd. in 2008

  • Acted as the legal counsel for Kunming Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.

  • Acted as the outside legal counsel for Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  • Represented Guangdong GW Holdings Corporation the entrusted loan dispute with Zhuhai FUWAH Finance Company

  • Acted as the defender for Fu Xilin in the case of suspected bribery

  • Acted as the defender for Lin Sheng in the case of suspected duty encroachment

  • Acted as the defender for Lang Qingtian in the case of suspected crime of embezzlement and bribe-taking

  • Acted as the defender for Liu Ruihua in the case of suspected taking bribery

Education Background
  • Doctor of Laws, Jilin University (1991)

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Max-Plank Institute of International and Comparative Criminal Research, Germany (1994)

Professional Qualifications
  • Bar admission in P.R. China

Professional Background
  • Mr. Li Guifang is the deputy director and the global partner of DeHeng Law Offices. Prior to joining DeHeng, he served as an assistant teacher in the History Department of Jilin University; a lecturer, associate professor, and professor in the School of Law of Jilin University; and as an assistant to the director of China Lawyers Center and to the director of the business department.

Recognitions and Affiliations
  • Vice President of the Judicial Behavior Research Institute of China Behavior Law Association

  • Deputy Director of the Criminal Sub-committee of the All China Lawyers Association

  • Part-time Professor of Jilin University School of Law and National Prosecutors College

  • Master tutor of Law at Tsinghua University, Peking University School of Law, and China Youth University of Political Studies

  • Visiting Professor of Northwest University of Political Science and Law, Renmin University of China Law School

Selected Publications
  • Author: A Comparative Study on Punishment against Freedom

  • Co-translated "Theory of Legislation" (Jeremy Bentham)

  • Co-translated "Criminal Code" (J.C. Smith, Brian Hogan)

  • Co-translated "Criminal Evidence" (Richard May)