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Jianan (Frank) WU

Title:Senior Legal Counsel
Tel:+86 10 5268 2888
Fax:+86 10 5268 2999
Working Language: Chinese/ English/ French
Dr. Frank Wu specializes in a variety of fields, including EU law, Chinese law, Competition law, French commercial law and taxation, and IP law. He has a wide range of experience in assisting both public and private Chinese companies for their business developments in European, American, and African markets and in advising his clients on M&A, IP, JV, EPC and antitrust issues.
Representative Matters
  • Acted as the legal counsel of Zigong Lantern Group for its worldwide exhibitions

  • Assisted China Tobacco International in the equity acquisition of four PM International subsidiaries in Europe and Africa

  • Assisted China Rail Construction Corporation International for claiming its indemnity in a terrorist attack in Africa

  • Assisted AVIC's filial Lanfei for an arbitration in ICC Paris against its French partner

  • Assisted China Southern Airlines in its legal affairs with certain French administrations

  • Assisted Carnival Group International for a French real estate acquisition project as well as the financing scheme in relation to the aforementioned project

  • Assisted JIC Leasing for its French subsidiary operation

  • Assisted CRCC International in its creation of JV in Algeria

  • Assisted Auldey Co. for its French subsidiary operating legal compliance

  • Assisted a private medical treatment company for its share acquisition in France

  • Assisted CCE Oasis Technology Corp. for its EPC business negation and contract review in West Africa

  • Assisted a Macao company for its share acquisition in Guinea

  • Assisted a private company for an arbitration in CEITIC against its business partner

  • Assisted a private company for its IP protection in Germany against BSF

  • Provided legal assistance to Malagasy central government for its establishment of a Special Economic Zone and offering structural legal services in order to assure the best interests of Chinese investors

  • Provided legal services for the acquisition project regarding a Canadian company DDM

  • Provided legal services for the acquisition of EXOSUN SAS, a French company, by ATEC Architecture Co, Ltd, a Chinese company

Education Background
  • Doctor of Laws Summa Cum Laude, University Aix-Marseille, France(2015)

  • Master of Business Law and Taxation, Institute of Business Law, University Aix-Marseille, France (2005)

  • Master of European Business Law, Institute of Research Europe-Asia, University Aix-Marseille, France (2003)

  • Bachelor of Economic Law, Northwest University of Political Science and Law (2001)

Selected Publications
  • Author, "The merger control in China – a difficult way towards the establishment of a market of competition", Presses universitaires d'Aix-Marseille (2017)

  • Interviewee, "The institutional reform of Chinese economy with orientation to a market of competition", Journal Contrepoints of liberal oriented (19th December 2015)

  • Co-author, "The analysis of the legal person and the limited liability of its members in French law". Revue Européenne du Droit et de l'Economie, N° 11-12, ISSN: 1766-5914, Chinese edition (2006).

  • Co-author, "The evolution of the banking supervision inspired by the Basel Committee". Revue Européenne du Droit et de l'Economie, N° 13-14, ISSN: 1766-5914, French edition (2007).

  • Co-author, "The tax treaty between mainland China and Hong Kong, necessary clarification and opportunities to the foreign investors". Revue Juridique et Economique Europe-Chine, N° 17-18ISSN : 1766-5914, French edition (2008).

  • Co-author, "The modernization of the tax treaty network in mainland China and HK, the impact on foreign investments?". International Business Law Journal, N° 4, ISSN: 1777-5655, French and English versions (2009).

  • Co-author, "The French Legal System". Law press, China (2008).

  • Co-author, "Quelles difficultés juridiques les entreprises françaises sont-elles susceptibles d'éprouver en Chine?". CCI TARN Website (16th October 2017).