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DeHeng Public Welfare Foundation Board Meeting 2014 Held in Beijing



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Wang Li, Director of DeHeng Law Offices, rewarded stipend to a college student

On May 13th, 2014, the first board meeting of DeHeng Public Welfare Foundation was Held in Beijing. Directors of the board, included Wang Li, Li Guifang, Xu Jianjun, Sun Ganghong, Bai Mingliang, and Ni Xiaohong, the supervisor, and also some directors of DeHeng national branches, all attended this meeting.

Wang Li, director of DeHeng, emphasized at the meeting that, as part of the brand building, we should integrate all the charity resources to the Public Welfare foundation platform. Some directors of DeHeng national branches expressed that they would participate in the integration of the charity resources, and make some contributions to the Foundation's unification and implementation. 

DeHeng Public Welfare Foundation was established on October 29th, 2013, approved by the Civil Affairs Bureau of Beijing. Its promoters included the DeHeng(Beijing) Law Office, Ms Wang Li and Mr. Chen Jianhong. The first phase of funds, about 3.5 million has been put in place, it includes 1 million from DeHeng(Beijing) Law Office, 1 million from Wang Li, and 0.5 million from Chen Jianhong. The aim of the foundation is to support education, assist employment, provide free legal service and promote social harmony.


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