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Zhang Peiyi Elected as the 5th Vice-Chairman
of Shanxi Lawyers' Association


From 29th to 31st of December 2013, the 5th lawyer representatives' meeting was held in Shan Xi Hotel of Taiyuan. Mr. Zhang Peiyi, director of DeHeng (Taiyuan) Law Offices made a speech named Duty and Mission, which gained the approval of the meeting. Over 223 representatives representing the 5500 lawyers of ShanXi attended the event. Mr. Zhang was elected as the 5th vice-chairman of ShanXi Lawyers' Association.

This meeting raised great concern of the society, and also the Party Committee, the government, and all the legal institutions of Shan Xi. The Party Committee of Shan Xi took this meeting seriously, and set up a team to guide this whole process. This meeting also elected new Council, new General Council, new vice-president, and the new president of ShanXi Lawyers' Association.


Mr. Zhang's success of this election demonstrated the great performance and influence of DeHeng(Taiyuan) Law Offices in ShanXi.


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