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DeHeng Lawyer Awarded "Top 50 Chinese Lawyers in IP"


On April 26, 2019, Zhichanli and IPRdaily launched the list of "Top 50 Chinese Lawyers in IP" for the first time. Luo Mingjun, a partner of DeHeng Law Offices (Beijing) , was included in the list in recognition of his outstanding performance in the field of IP.

The lawyers are scored and selected based on eight dimensions, including the law firm where the candidates practice, the lawyer's working experience, the quality of clients, typical cases, media score, number of honors, success rate of cases, number of cases, and evaluation by the well-known corporate jury. In the early stage, Zhichanli and IPRdaily shortlisted 200 candidates based on such dimensions as the law firm and working experience, quality of clients, and typical cases, and the public voting was launched on April 19. On April 22, the jury consisting of 50 enterprises was announced. On this basis, the scores by the public and enterprises were calculated comprehensively to select top 50 outstanding Chinese lawyers in IP.


▲The trophy and certificate of honor

IP is one of DeHeng's traditional advantageous practice areas. DeHeng specializes in providing one-stop integrated IP services for enterprises. In addition to basic and traditional legal affairs in IP, DeHeng can also tap the needs of enterprises according to the reality of enterprises, and provide customers with comprehensive, personalized high-end customized services in IP.



Mingjun LUO


Partner / Lawyer



Mingjun LUO, partner and lawyer of DeHeng Law Offices (Beijing), head of the IP Practice Group, Master of Laws of Renmin University of China.      

Mr. Luo has nearly 20 years' experience in legal services and specializes in civil and commercial matters, IP, commercial litigation and arbitration, and enforcement.

Mr. Luo has represented hundreds of infringement dispute cases in civil and commercial matters, patents, trademarks, copyrights and anti-unfair competition, and especially has a wealth of experience in such legal affairs as IP infringement investigations, dispute resolution negotiations, patents, trade secrets and unfair competition.  


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