DeHeng Counseled TSMC to Win the First Instance
in the Unfair Competition Disputes with SMIC



On June 10, 2009, the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court issued the first instance of civil judgments, determining that the grounds of action from SMIC did not hold water and rejected all the requests of proceedings from SMIC.


In November 2006, SMIC started a suit against TSMC to the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court on grounds of the latter’s unfair competition and business defamation, seeking compensation of more than RMB100 million from TSMC. After the case was officially accepted by the Beijing Higher People's Court on November 16, 2006, engaged by the defendant TSMC, DeHeng team, led by Dr.Li Guifang, constituted of professional lawyers Ni Xiaohong and Luo Mingjun from the IP Department and Li Yongli from the Litigation and Arbitration Department, finally won this major initial achievement for the clients after two years' hard work.



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