DeHeng Lawyer Represented Client in Hong Kong Arbitration
at the ICC International Court of Arbitration


On November 2, the Hong Kong Representative Office of ICC International Court of Arbitration issued a ruling on the cross-border contract dispute over agricultural products in respect of a major seed breeding enterprise in western China ("Company A") suing the U.S. Seed Distributor Company ("Company B"). The ruling upheld the principal and interest of payment for purchase and sale of goods claimed by Company A and required Company B to compensate most of the arbitration costs and lawyer's fees incurred by Company A.

In the case, Company A filed the arbitration on the grounds that Company B was in arrears of payment for goods and interest while Company B filed the counterclaim for the loss caused by the unqualified goods. The arbitration lasted for more than one year. DeHeng lawyers succeeded in representing the client inin this case by virtue of their professional ability to handle international legal affairs and excellent foreign language competence and safeguarded the client's legal interests.

DeHeng Law (Beijing) Office formed a project team, with the partner Peng Xianwei as project leader, and lawyer Wu Yanan and other lawyers as the main participants, providing comprehensive, high-quality legal services. In the arbitration process, DeHeng lawyers perused the case, reviewed a wealth of materials in English, and using Excel spreadsheet to demonstrate the calculation basis for the claim, reading background information about agricultural seed production/inspection, and sufficiently prepared defensive materials on seed quality issue. Regarding the application of law in this case and the seed production and testing technology, lawyer Peng Xianwei wrote English arbitration documents of nearly one hundred pages.


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