DeHeng Won the Bid as CCTV Legal Service Providers


On November 9, China Government Procurement website published the announcement of successful bidders for the legal service providers for China Central Television (CCTV). DeHeng Law Offices won the bid to become legal service provider for CCTV in the new year.

The selection program of legal service providers for CCTV marks the first time that CCTV chooses qualified legal service providers via public bidding. CCTV entrusted China National Machinery Import and Export Corporation to conduct the organization of the bidding process. During the evaluation/appraising process, seven panelists, including experts from CCTV, conducted appraisals on the bidding legal service providers in terms of number of branches, the size of lawyers pool, practice areas covered, and the business performance over the years. The panel emphasized the performance of bidders over the past two years in areas of copyright, trademark, right of personality, labor and personnel, construction engineering, contract management, advertising business, state-owned assets management and foreign legal businesses. Based on these criteria, the panel conducted a comprehensive evaluation of all 26 legal service providers bidding for the project.

DeHeng Law Offices formed a project team, with lawyer Su Wenwei as the project leader and lawyers Jia Huaiyuan, Wang Jianping, Chen Te, Guo Lei, Shen Wei and others as the key members. In accordance with the requirements of the invitation to bid documents, they perused, classified and sorted out the cases and achievements of DeHeng in various areas that CCTV cenverns the most. Adhering to the concept to provide high-quality service, and by dint of its strong strength, professional service, and brilliant achievements, DeHeng stood out from the competitors in the bidding, as well as demonstrated its ability to provide professional legal service and its strong comprehensive business strength.

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