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Client Represented by DeHeng Lawyers win in an Arbitration in Belarus



Recently, DeHeng lawyers represented a Chinese central SOE in an international arbitration case filed by a Belarusian state-owned enterprise in the International Court of Arbitration of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Throughout the arbitration process, the Chinese enterprise worked closely with DeHeng lawyers in responding to the lawsuit, formulating careful arbitration tactics, preparing complete evidences, selecting suitable arbitrators, and appointing senior barristers. In the end, the arbitral tribunal fully adopted and supported the Chinese enterprise’s claim and handed down a verdict in favor of the Chinese company. The International Court of Arbitration of Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the most authoritative and experienced international arbitration institution in Belarus.

The Republic of Belarus, located in the Plains of Central Europe and bordering on Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, is a key country on the Belt and Road extension route and an important economic and trade partner of China in the Commonwealth of the Independent States region. China-Belarus Industrial Park is the largest overseas industrial park in which Chinese enterprises participate, and is also a landmark project for promoting the implementation of the Silk Road Economic Belt. The investment and trade cooperation between Chinese and Belarusian companies has generally been going smoothly. However, due to the differences in cultural traditions and legal environments, there has been frequent friction and disputes between the enterprises in the two countries in economic and trade cooperation. Friction and controversy, if not effectively resolved, often result in the end of cooperation between the two parties.

DeHeng formed a project team headed by partner Zhang Zhenli, Wang Gang from the Beijing office, and Belarusian lawyer Alexander Danilevich as the team members. Following five trials over 10 months, the project team finally achieved results to the satisfaction and praise of the Chinese enterprise.

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