DeHeng Established DeHeng Daofu Family Office Research Institute
and held the First Training Event of Family Wealth Management



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As China's economy grows apace,  Chinese families with one billion yuan assets are swelling. The demand for family wealth management, inheritance and prevention of legal risks is also growing. To cultivate a professional family wealth management service team, DeHeng Law Offices, Beijing Daofu Family Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. and Beijing Wealth Management Industry Association signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" to build a domestic first-class family office service platform and  provide a series of family wealth management services for domestic high-net-worth family groups. On July 25, 2018, the Opening Ceremony of DeHeng Daofu Family Office Research Institute and the First Training Event of Family Wealth Management, sponsored by DeHeng Law Offices and organized by DeHeng Finance Committee, was held at Focus Place.


▲Director Wang Li delivering a speech

Before the opening ceremony, Dr. Wang Li, Director of DeHeng Law Offices, Global Chief Partner and Chairman of the Belt and Road Service Connections, delivered a speech and expressed strong support and warm congratulations on the establishment of the "DeHeng Daofu Family Office Research Institute", encouraged DeHeng lawyers in the field of family wealth management to deepen their research on family wealth management, actively carry out training and dissemination of knowledge on family wealth management, and strive to provide each client with the best family wealth management service.


Guests delivering speeches (from left to right: Mr. Wang Zhongming,
Mr. Wang Dapeng, Mr. Yi Zhongge, Ms. Li Yifei, and Mr. Li Xiaolong)

The event was supported and congratulated by the China Private Economy Research Association, China Association for Small and Medium Commercial Enterprises, China Venture Capital Meeting, China Mergers and Acquisitions Association, Man Group Plc, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Mr. Wang Zhongming, Vice President of China Private Economy Research Association and former Deputy Secretary-General of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce; Mr. Yi Zhongge, Vice President of China Association for Small and Medium Commercial Enterprises and President of China Venture Capital Meeting; Mr. Wang Dapeng, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Mergers and Acquisitions Association; Ms. Li Yifei, President of Man Group Plc China Region and Director of Rockefeller Foundation; and Mr. Li Xiaolong from Beijing Wealth Management Industry Association, attended the event and delivered a speech to congratulate the establishment of "DeHeng Daofu Family Office Research Institute".


▲Lawyer Jia Hui serving as moderator at the first session of the meeting


▲Lawyer Zhao Luo serving as moderator at the second session of the meeting

The event was divided into two sessions which was chaired by lawyer Jia Hui, Partner of DeHeng Beijing office and General Executive of the Finance Committee, and lawyer Zhao Luo, Partner of DeHeng Beijing office and a core member of the Securities and Finance Committee respectively.


▲"DeHeng Daofu Family Office Research Institute" was officially established.
a group photo of the guests (from left to right: Yi Zhongge, Li Xiaolong, Li Wen,
Li Yifei, Wang Zhongming, Wang Li, Dou Lijun, Jia Hui, Zhao Luo, Wang Dapeng )

The first training seminar of DeHeng family wealth management officially commenced after the opening ceremony. Representatives from many authoritative institutions in the field of family wealth management, including commercial banks, trusts, insurance companies, as well as well-known professors of Peking University and DeHeng lawyers, shared their views and discussed many issues related to family wealth management with the guests and lawyers from different perspectives at different levels and dimensions.


▲Mr. Zhang Renpan making themed sharing

Mr. Zhang Renpan, CEO of Shoushan Wealth, gave a lecture on "Overview of Family Wealth Management Development and Market Demand", introduced the experience and model of family wealth management in North America, and analyzed the seven major trends and four major tasks in family wealth management.


▲Mr. Li Wen making themed sharing

Mr. Li Wen, Vice President of China Minsheng Bank Private Banking, introduced the outstanding achievements made by Minsheng Bank in family wealth management, and shared the detailed analysis of Minsheng Bank on family wealth management market and industry prospects in China.


▲Ms. Zheng Bo making themed sharing

Ms. Zheng Bo of the family wealth management department of AVIC Trust, conducted a professional analysis of the historical changes and future prospects of family trusts in China, introduced the important position and role of family trusts as the main tool of wealth inheritance, and explained the legal framework and functions of family trusts.


▲Ms. Yu Mei making themed sharing

Ms. Yu Mei, Executive Director of the Bank of Singapore, introduced the related products and services that the Bank of Singapore can provide in family wealth management based on the "Overseas Family Wealth Management Practice", and conducted an in-depth analysis of the wealth management practices applicable to Chinese wealthy individuals abroad.


▲Ms. Shangguan Liqing making themed sharing

From the perspective of trust, Ms. Shangguan Liqing, from Chang'an Trust, conducted a comprehensive analysis of the market demand of Chinese high-net-worth clients and of family wealth inheritance, and introduced the advantageous position of family trust in wealth management and inheritance.


▲Professor Lou Jianbo making themed sharing

Professor Lou Jianbo from Peking University Law School also gave support to this event. Prof. Lou explained the issues on "Legal Regulations of Family Trusts" and analyzed legal path and pros and cons of wealth inheritance such as insurance, inheritance and gift under China's current legal system.


▲Ms. Ren Qin making themed sharing

Ms. Ren Qin from AIA delivered a speech titled "Positioning is Everything". She introduced the important role and use of high-value policies in family wealth management and inheritance in the form of vivid storytelling.


▲Lawyer Dou Lijun making themed sharing

Ms. Dou Lijun, Partner of DeHeng New York office, conducted an in-depth analysis of the development status of cross-border family wealth management legal services based on her rich overseas practice experience in the past decade, introduced the requisite professional skills of wealth managers with lawyer background and encouraged young DeHeng lawyers to broaden their business direction and improve their business competence in order to meet the needs of legal services in new areas.


▲Mr. Wang Derong making themed sharing

Mr. Wang Derong, CEO of Shoushan Wealth, delivered a lecture on "Tax Issues in Family Wealth Management" and illustrated the importance of tax planning in family wealth management and the possible tax risks in family wealth management and its solutions through typical case studies.

The event was actively supported by DeHeng colleagues through participation. More than 30 colleagues from DeHeng's Beijing office participated in the training, and also 13 branches including DeHeng's Shanghai office also participated in this training event via videoconferencing.


▲Guests listening attentively

There are also representative professional organizations which have great achievements in the field of family wealth management and their clients attending this event: China Credit Trust, New Times Trust, CITIC Prudential Life Insurance, Beijing Wealth Management Industry Association, Zhongrong Insurance, China Association for Small and Medium Commercial Enterprises, Beijing Huaxia Lihong Commodity Inspection Company, Hongjing Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., H&H Medical Clinic, Great Wall Xinsheng Trust Wealth Center, Peking University Weiming Investment Company, and Zhaotai Petroleum Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd.


▲Group photo of participating guests with DeHeng lawyers

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