DeHeng Opens Almaty Office in Central Asia



Kazakhstan, rich in land, minerals, and energy resources, is a key partner to China along the Belt and Road. Trade cooperation between the two countries has extended from the energy sector to those of building and agriculture. DeHeng recently officially entered the legal market of Almaty, Kazakhstan to provide legal services for Chinese companies in the Russian-speaking world and to offer an exchange and cooperation platform for law practitioners in both countries.


Although bilateral economic and trade cooperation has flourished in recent years, Kazakhstan’s exchange rate and cultural differences have posed certain legal risks to Chinese enterprises. The DeHeng Almaty office undertakes projects involving Kazakhstan and other parts of Central Asia for other branches of the DeHeng firm, and is also responsible to promote cooperation and exchange among Chinese and Kazakh law firms. The office provides legal services for local Chinese companies, including assistance with the development, financing, and cross-border M&A of investment projects, and assistance with negotiation, consultation, review, and disposal of non-performing assets. With these services, DeHeng seeks to minimize investment risks for interested Chinese investors, and to help investors better understand the market and investment environment of Kazakhstan.


The Almaty office is staffed with 11 lawyers from both China and Kazakhstan. Each team member holds a master’s degree or a higher advanced degree from prestigious universities in China, the United States, Kazakhstan, Canada, and Russia; and speaks fluent Chinese, Russian, English, and Kazakh. In the future, DeHeng will continue to tap its global resources and professional legal services to serve corporate clients in Kazakhstan and the rest of Central Asia.


Zang Jiemei



Zang Jiemei, Managing Partner of the Almaty office, specializes in investment, energy, infrastructure, and bankruptcy liquidation law in Central Asia. Working languages: Chinese, Russian, English.   



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