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On January 23, 2019, the Chinese Government Procurement Website released the announcement of successful bidders for Peking University legal service suppliers. DeHeng Law Offices was awarded the bid, becoming the legal service provider for Peking University from 2019 to 2021.

For Peking University legal service provider project, Peking University adopted public bidding for the first time in recent years to select qualified providers for legal services. In this project, Peking University commissioned Beijing International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. to represent and lead the bidding work. In the bid evaluation process, the selection team was formed by the agency, including the selection representatives and external professionals, the selection process and recommending the shortlisted suppliers. The experts of the selection team focused on reviewing the performance of service providers in civil and commercial dispute resolution (contract, infringement, labor disputes, real estate, infrastructure, among others), administrative litigation, IP, contract review, compliance control, etc. in recent three years. Based on these data, the selection team’s experts conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the more than 30 legal service providers in the bidding.

DeHeng formed a project team in which the Executive Director Sun Ganghong serves as the leader, and Wang Gang, a partner of the Beijing office, was responsible for the implementation, supported by lawyers with different expertise, including Su Wenwei, Zhang Anhao, Zhang Liping, Xing Long, Zhang Haiying, Qin Guorui and Ma Yutao. In accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents, the project team conducted detailed review, classification and collation of the cases in various fields of concern to the selection team and DeHeng's performance. The project team upholds service value in the bidding. DeHeng stands out by virtue of its strong strength, professional service and excellent performance.


DeHeng has been providing permanent legal counsel services to Westlake Education Foundation since September 2016. The successful bid for the Peking University legal service supplier project once again demonstrates the professional legal service capabilities and strong integrated business strength of DeHeng in the education field. In the future, DeHeng will be committed to "escorting" the quality and rapid development of China's education.

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