BPCE Delegation Visits DeHeng to Find Out

About Chinese Outbound Investment


French banking giant Groupe BPCE visited DeHeng Law Offices in Beijing with a 35-strong delegation on a China study visit. The delegation was hosted by Mr Wu Jianan, a cross-border investment partner and fluent French speaker.

DeHeng lawyers gave a multi-part presentation on Chinese outbound investment.

  • The delegation first heard a presentation led by Ms. Zhang Xu, a financing partner, explaining the work of DeHeng in cross-border financing transactions for Chinese lenders and borrowers.

  • Ms Shen Sisi followed up by giving regulatory context for cross-border financing. The importance to foreign exchange control policy of holding more than $3 trillion in foreign exchange reserves was explained.

  • Mr Kai Xue finished the presentation by covering the state ownership context of outbound transactions, answering the question, "How is the Chinese economy so state-influenced in the allocation of financial resources yet not a centrally planned economy?"

DeHeng expresses gratitude to Ms Fatou Sidibe of the Embassy of France in Beijing for facilitating the delegation visit.


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