DeHeng Represented Aerosun in Russia and Won the First Trial



The predecessor of Aerosun Corporation was Jinling Machinery Bureau founded in 1865 during the Westernization Movement of the Qing Dynasty, the cradle of Chinese modern industry. In early 2015, Aerosun signed a business contract with a large Russian energy enterprise to provide natural gas liquefaction equipment to the latter. In early 2018, the equipment failed during operation, resulting in a short-term shutdown of the production line. The Russian company claimed against Aerosun citing that the shutdown had resulted in a delayed supply of liquefied natural gas to a third party (the buyer).The negotiation between the two was fruitless, so the Russian company filed a lawsuit in December 2018 at the arbitration court in Kurovu, Russia, demanding compensation from Aerosun. DeHeng was the representative of Aerosun at the court.

Based on thorough analysis of case files, the DeHeng team proposed that the quantity of products in the storage tank of the equipment concerned should be subtracted from the quantity of products lost in production suspension, which would significantly cut the loss amount of the Russian company. The proposal was endorsed by the trial judge and the amount of loss decided in the first instance in March 2019 was less than 1.5% of the original amount claimed. Thanks to the proper stategy and close cooperation, DeHeng team helped the client win the lawsuit and protected the client's interests to the maximum extent.

DeHeng team was headed by lawyer Zhang Zhenli, partner of the Beijing Office, with primary support from Xerobokov Alexei, a senior lawyer in Russia, and legal assistant Zhao Le. After four sessions in four months, they finally obtained a satisfactory result for the client and won high praises from the latter.

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