DeHeng Law Offices Launched in Nur Sultan


On July 4th, Astana International Finance Centre (AIFC) Office of DeHeng Law Offices, and AIFC Mediation Room of Beijing Retio Legal and Commercial Service Center for Belt and Road Initiative & International Commercial Mediation Center for the Belt and Road (BNRMC) was officially launched. Dr. Wang Li, director and chief global partner of DeHeng Law Offices, Mr. Marat Aitenov, the first vice president of AIFC and nearly a hundred elites representing law and business circles participated in the opening ceremony and expressed their congratulations as well as their willingness to coordinate future collaborations.



Mr. Marat Aitenov expressed his sincere congratulations to thelanding of AIFC Office of DeHeng Law Offices and foresaw a bright future of their cooperation. At the ceremony, Dr. Wang Li briefed the participants on the creation and development of DeHeng LawOffices and BNRMC.


Dr. Wang Li introduced the creation and operation of the BNRMC in October 2016, which was established based on the Belt and Road Service Connections (BNRSC). Since its establishment, the mediation center has accepted more than 300 commercial disputes, with a success rate of 65%. Recently, a case of med-arb was successfully mediated by Professor Zhang Yuejiao, a well-known mediator and Former Justice of the WTO Court of Appeal. In October 2018, BNRMC held a forum in Rome to issue a declaration on "the Principle of the Belt and Road in International Commercial Mediation" (hereinafter referred to as the "Rome Declaration"). In April 2019, during the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, the BNRMC launched the Beijing Initiative, which attracted institutions in Beijing and members of the BNRSC from various countries signed and participated. The independent, neutral, international and civil nature of BNRMC has been recognized by institutions and business people in various countries. 



On July 3rd, Mr. Kairat Kelimbetov, Chairman of Management Committee of AIFC had a conference in person with representatives from DeHeng Law Offices, China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC), China Chengxin International Credit Rating Corporation (CCXI) who participated in the event, and portray his willingness of  expanding their businesses Chinese financial, legal, credit rating and investment institutions in AIFC. AIFC will offer a wide range of policies to the greatest extent as a support.


DeHeng Law Office was founded in January 1993. At present, with about 3,000 professionals worldwide, DeHeng has a global service network of 39 institutions and more than 160 partners, which offered numerous professional legal support to both Chinese and foreign clients, including the issuance and listing of Three Gorges Group and Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), investment project for Shanghai Stock Exchange and Silk Road Fund in AIX, Kazakhstan Astana Light Rail (LRT) project in Nur Sultan,etc. 



DeHeng AIFC office is led by its Managing Partner, Lawyer Zang Jiemei, whose other members include professional legal specialists from China, Kazakhstan and experts in taxation and finance and dispute resolutions.DeHeng AIFC office have established their own legal service standards pursuant to international standards and practical operations with good quality control, which have completed a series of large legal service projects relying on a professional attoney team of diligent and responsibility. The office mainly provide legal services in the following aspects: AIFC region and Kazakhstan investment project, corporate financial financing, cross-border M&A, drafting various transaction documents, assisting in the settlement of investment disputes and providing legal services in the registration of AIFC region, tax, listing, etc. The establishment of Deheng AIFC Office will provide valid legal support for Chinese to "go out", reduce corporative legal risks, reduce corporative transaction costs and effectively resolve the disputes related to investments and economy and trade, getting ready for the development of Belt and Road Initiative.

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