DeHeng and Zhongbaochuang Signed a Strategic Cooperation

 Agreement on BRI Insurance Services


On August 13, 2020, DeHeng signed a perennial legal service agreement with Zhongbaochuang (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongbaochuang") on legal issues occurred in Zhongbaochuang's daily operation and management and a strategic cooperation agreement on insurance services under the Belt and Road Initiative. The two parties will give full play to their respective business advantages, provide priority and high-quality integrated services for the Belt and Road Initiative and the Chinese insurance industry, continue to expand and deepen multi-field and multi-level cooperation, and establish long-term, stable and win-win strategic partnership. On the basis of insurance claims, risk survey services, insurance claims investigation and recovery services and their respective advantages, the two parties will use their rich experience and excellent reputation in the insurance service industry to jointly develop insurance service products for the Belt and Road Initiative, and provide insurance and legal services for Chinese enterprises engaged in “Going Out” and in the Belt and Road Initiative. 


The signing ceremony

The cooperation agreement was signed by Dr. Wang Li, the Director and Chief Global Partner of DeHeng Law Offices, and Wang Qin, Chairman of Zhongbaochuang, in the witness of Zhongbaochuang's Vice President Gao Shudong and Marketing Director Yue Changfeng, and DeHeng lawyers Jia Hui and Xie Dan. 

At the signing ceremony, the two parties indicated that they will deepen cooperation in such service areas as the formulation of claims service standards, legal services for the BRI insurance claims, systematic investigation and recovery services for small claims, and product innovation for insurance claims, to provide legal services for Zhongbaochuang's innovative insurance claims services. A stable and comprehensive strategic partnership will be formed  on the basis of "complementary advantages, common development, mutual benefits, and shared results." The two will work hand in hand in a pragmatic and mutually beneficial way to open a new chapter of Insurance Technology plus Legal Services, and provide strong legal services for Zhongbaochuang's insurance claims settlement and the BRI-related insurance claims and recovery.

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