DeHeng Advised Sunvou Medical on Obtaining Approval

from SSE STAR Market Listing Committee 


On September 29, 2020, the Shanghai Stock Exchange released the results of the 85th review meeting of the STAR Market Listing Committee of 2020, approving the IPO application of Wuxi Sunvou Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Sunvou Medical").

Sunvou Medical is specialized in the research and development, production and sales of medical devices for breath molecular diagnostics, and is committed to expanding the emerging breath molecular diagnostics market in China. It has developed and produced breath molecular diagnostic products such as inflammation meters, microflora meters, and all-in-one machines powered by breath detection technology for NO and other gas signal molecules, which are used for cause identification, treatment evaluation, and prognosis monitoring for respiratory tract related inflammations, digestive tract flora metabolism disorders and other related diseases. The test is non-invasive and easy to perform on the spot, and the results are reliable, objective, simple and easy to understand. Its inflammation meter products based on breath NO detection are generally used for clinical regular examination of asthma and chronic cough. Thanks to previous marketing efforts, the product has entered a period of rapid growth, and covered about 40% of tertiary hospitals in China. The microflora meter and the all-in-one machine are also entering the growth phase from the market cultivation period, and are mainly used for clinical test of digestion and metabolism diseases.  

As the legal counsel for this project, the DeHeng team was led by partner Li Yuan, with primary support from lawyers Zhong Hao, Liu Lu and Wang Jinbo, as well as paralegal Yang Yueran. They provided whole-process legal services including but not limited to the preparation and revision of legal opinions, analysis and discussion of major legal issues, responses to feedback comments, review and revision of the prospectus, and compilation of working papers. They worked closely with the sponsor CITIC Securities and the auditing agency Jonten Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), and provided professional, efficient and high-quality legal services for the client. 


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